5 Style Mistakes Tall Guys Should Never Make

October 18, 2018

5 Style Mistakes Tall Guys Should Never Make

Gone are the days when fashion was used to cover the parts of the body. With time, the concept of fashion has evolved to become a crucial element of daily life. Now, the fashion enthusiasts research on the components of fashion and implement in daily life so the natural look is enhanced and the loopholes are suppressed. Have you ever thought of the style mistakes tall guys should never make? This is a serious point to consider that contributes to improving the appearance of the tall people along with improving the personality.

Style Mistakes Tall Guys Should Never Make

Do’s and don’ts are present in every segment of fashion regardless of the gender and age of the concerned person. You can’t afford to play with diversified kinds of styling options when you are about to attend an important ceremony, regardless of private or professional. Take a look at the style don’ts for you as a tall guy:

  1. Never go for the bold and vertical stripes- You will be amazed to learn that the bold and vertical stripes are meant for the shorter people who are looking forward to managing the height and look tall. Since you are already blessed with a good height, you don’t need it.
  2. Don’t go for the three-buttoned single-breasted suits- Never wear the suits that have three buttons unless these are three-roll-two jacket. The completely covered look will give your height a boost since the buttons are vertically placed.
  3. Never opt for the shorts and short-sleeved shirt together- Usually, taller people appear slimmer. Hence, flaunting the arms and legs is not suggested. It makes your complete appearance even lankier and leaner, depleting your personality to a great extent. Instead, you can go for either of the ones to balance out entire look. Otherwise, you can roll out the long-sleeved shirt to give it a casual look.
  4. Never go for the low-rise pants- The waistband and rise of the pants act as the horizontal counterpoint of an outfit. Therefore, it is inevitable to place it correctly. The low-rise elongates the torso and further elevates the height.
  5. Never embrace the shorter clothes- If you are encountering with difficulty while searching for the clothes of your size, it is suggested to opt for none rather than the short ones. Therefore, it is suggested to buy the pants that are not hemmed so the tailor can fit it as per your height, especially for the chinos and denim.

Avoiding the Mistakes that May Cost Dearly

There is a style guide for every person regardless of the physical structure and height. However, if you think that owning a good height helps you win the game of fashion, you are under a wrong notion. Rather, it imposes a challenge on you to present yourself stylishly that will boost the positive parts of your personality and diminish the negatives. Take a look at the aforementioned styles mistakes tall guys should never make so you can flaunt your style quotient without compromising on the personality.