A Brief Guide to Pick the Best Shirts for Your Body Type

October 27, 2018

A Brief Guide to Pick the Best Shirts for Your Body Type

None’s body type is similar. In fact, our bodies and torsos are also not similar. Hence, men choose shirts according to their body shape to fit that perfectly. For dressing, find the right guide. Picking the right shirts for your body type can enhance your personality, add charms to it, and show your confidence in a professional gathering.

These are not the single reasons to choose the best shirts to fit your body type. You must wear the right shirt to get the utmost comfort so it doesn’t look unflattering. Hence all you need is to try easy methods for selecting the best shirts for your body type.

Tips to Choose the Best Shirts for Your Body Type

Understanding your body type can help you find the right shirts. A body could be same as an average torso, with the hips and chest nearly similar. Otherwise, a body could be an inverted triangle with larger shoulders and chest.

Some have a rectangular body which is skinny as a rail. Some men with a triangle body have more fat gathered at the larger hips and the waist.

You must pick the shirt according to your body shape. For example, choose slim fits if you are a rectangular body type, go for a right fit if you are an inverted triangle body type and opt for a regular fit if you are a triangle body type.

  • Short torso–If you have a shorter height, or body is shorter and legs are longer, choose shirts which have vertical stripes. They add length to the torso and provide a frame that appears longer. Simultaneously, they add more warmth to the face. For vertical strips, select a combo of contrast colors.
  • Slimmer torso–You must try the bold horizontal stripes if you are skinny and straight. This offers a broader appearance at your chest. Ignore a skinny tie with your shirts. If you are a skinny person with a short height, experiment the checkered shirts since they add bulk and height. Don’t go for larger prints.
  • Taller guy–Don’t wear vertical stripes. They may make your appearance shorter by breaking up the height while they may make the appearance of others taller. Rather, go for the shirts which fit the shoulders to perfection. Also, you can add visual elements like a different color belt or hat for adding an absolute contrast to the outfit.
  • The large guy–Men with a larger stomach or round physique should pick shirts which fit them the best rather than choosing over-sized ones. Since you don’t want to look larger, avoid over-sized shirts. Experiment pinstripe shirts for a slimming effect by elongating your body. Darker colors definitely are the must-have. Ignore checks and plaids.

What’s more?

So, these are a few tips to keep in mind. The aforementioned guide will help you dress up for the best finding the best shirts according to your body type.