Discussion on How to Style a Hoodie for Any Occasion

October 03, 2018

Discussion on How to Style a Hoodie for Any Occasion

Have you ever donned a hoodie? A hoodie is one of the most preferred attires for the winters not only to protect the body from the low temperatures but also to enhance the style statement. No man’s wardrobe is complete if it doesn’t have a hoodie in it. In fact, men prefer keeping more than one hoodie to complement the various occasions. The market never helps to reduce your confusion as it has diversified choices. However, the challenge is to understand, how to style a hoodie for any occasion. Through this article, we will check the various styles that not only improve your style quotient but also add to the glamour of the hoodie.

Top 5 Styles of a Hoodie to Suit an Occasion

The hoodie is a perfect match between style and comfort, due to which it has been embraced by a huge portion of people. Since it is a unique outfit, you may feel confused while teaming it up with other dresses. Let’s check the top 5 styles that complete the outfit while improving the integrated appearance:

    • Grey Hoodie- A simple grey hoodie goes best for any casual outing as it is the classiest choice of the lot. Whether you are looking forward to getting protection from the cold wind or want to flaunt your fashion, nothing can beat the simple hoodie. Team it up with a long coat or keep it as it is to enjoy the attention of the onlookers.


      • White Hoodie- This is the most versatile hoodie that amalgamates well with every other outfit. Whether you wear a long grey coat or a black jacket over it, a white hoodie will never disappoint you in regard to your appearance.
      • Cool Skull Hoodie- If you prefer a funky look and have planned to hang around with friends, nothing can beat this cool hoodie. Don a denim jeans trouser and slip into this hoodie to make you look like a style icon.


    • Superman & Batman Hoodie- This is one of the most ancient designs for a hoodie as every boy has Superman and Batman as his idol. You will not even need any other attire to fit with the hoodie.


    • Music Dj’s Collection Hoodie- If you love music or going to a disc, this is the perfect outfit for you. Flaunt your style among your friends and enjoy the attention to the fullest.


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A hoodie is the most versatile attire available for men, which must be styled in various ways to suit different occasions. If you are unaware of the styles and the perfect outfit to team it up with, check the aforementioned styling options that ensure to elevate your style quotient. Since the styles are unique, you may find difficulty while locating the same in the local market. Check the wide ranges of options available at the Avantgard Exchange that will not only ensure to give you the freedom of choice but will also awe you with the splendid quality. Explore the collection and fill your wardrobe with the most unique hoodies that will single you even in the crowd.