Unveiling How to Decode the Dress Code for Women

December 05, 2018

Unveiling How to Decode the Dress Code for Women

There are various kinds of dress code for women nowadays. If you don’t know how to decode the dress code for women for an individual event, it could be embarrassing for you in the future. Let’s have look at the most common dress codes for women:

  1. Business casual dress code

It refers to clothing which is less formal than conventional business clothing albeit offers a professional impression. Casual business attire contains light accessories, slacks or knee-length skirts and blouses, and dress shoes or loafers.

  1. Casual dress code

This dress code significantly refers to attire you feel the most relaxing in. it can be a simple jeans or skirt and shirt combination, coupled with flip-flops or sneakers. The casual dress code is simply ideal for wearing every day.

  1. Business formal dress code

This dress code means you must wear something for a serious event. This is where high heels, pantsuits, and blazers come into action. You can choose midi dresses complemented with jackets. Usually, neutral colors are the best options for business formal clothing.

  1. Dressy casual/smart casual dress code

Consider the smart casual clothing as the business casual attire’s dressy version. This attire is ideal for both cocktail and office hours. While the attire is the same as the business casual, the smart casual attire enables more flexibility for a personal fashion taste. The color choice is not restricted here. This gives you a scope to display your exceptional style.

  1. Cocktail dress code

Generally, knee-length dresses are perfect for cocktail dress code. You can wear this in parties or pubs. You can be sensual or playful with your choices and go wild with hues. Don’t underestimate the strength of simple black cocktail attire.

  1. Beach formal dress code

Sometimes this is reserved for social outdoor events and summer marriage parties, especially beach parties. Flowing, light fabrics, sandals, and flats are ideal for this type of attire. Go for floral print dresses as they are ideal for the beach setting. Also, you can opt for wedges and jumpsuits for grassy events.

  1. White tie dress code

This is the highest dress code level where you should dress to the nines. It is perfect for formal balls, presidential dinners, and royal events. You can choose long dresses. Women wear white gloves traditionally also for these events, but now they are optional. While dressing for a white tie event, plan for an Oscar-worthy appearance.

  1. Black tie dress code

Black tie needs a gentle dressing level, pondering its one of the most formal dress codes. Floor-length gowns or long dresses are the best options here, but you can go for cocktail dresses too. Since this dress code usually refers to the men’s’ clothing, women can choose any color to wear.

Be Yourself

While dressing for an event, remember to be yourself. You should not feel uncomfortable or awkward while having fun. Deciphering the dress code is a relaxing feeling, but just when the attire makes you feel amazing. So, choose the right outfit for you.