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925 Sterling Silver CZ- Pearl Earrings W CZ

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The jewel of the ocean! These delicate simulated pearls are surrounded by 925 sterling silver and has a small CZ set in the silver to give them a bit of sparkle. Approx. size is 10mm (1cm). This product is *NEW* to our store, and is selling very quickly; orders yours today to avoid disappointment! Not sold in stores.
  • Metal Type: Sterling Silver
  • Worldwide Shipping only $7.95 USD

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We want you to know we are working hard every day to make your experience the best possible. This is a 100% safe, small business based out of the way far north of Northern British Columbia, Canada. If this product has a Size Chart - please use it. Please allow 3 days for processing and 2-4 weeks for delivery. Our products are made and sent to and from all over the world. It will be worth the wait, we promise. You will receive email notifications every step of the way. If you have any questions we are always available at Support@AvantgardExchange.com. Thank you.

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