"Love Story" Book Pendant Couple Necklace

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Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Let us help you...May we suggest these "Love Story" Book Pendant Couple Necklaces? Made of high-quality stainless steel, they will last you a lifetime. Hers is a gold-tone stainless steel book-shaped pendant, engraved on the cover with the words 'Love Story' and has a tiny, very sparkly, CZ in the corner. His is black stainless steel and also a book-shaped pendant, engraved with the words 'Love Story' on the cover, and has a tiny CZ in the corner. This is our third restocking of this hard-to-find item and they are selling FAST...so order yours TODAY!!!. Sold separately.

  • Excellent High-Quality stainless steel
  • They make a great gift!!

Product Specifications:

  • Pendant Size:0.7" X 0.51" (men) / 0.59" X 0.47" (women)
  • Length:45cm 50cm

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